Online live course: Phase 2 and 3, May 18 at 3 PM CET


After the first successfull online live course the next one will be organised next Tuesday 18 May at 3 PM CET (Amsterdam, Berlin time). All participants, from Ireland, Australia, Bolivia, The Netherland and Colombia, of the try-out course are participating again, so they were satisfied about the course! The next course is about phase 2 and 3 process composting. The course is available for maximum 10 participants to guarantee a good interaction between me as trainer and all other participants. So, be quick to register for the course! Look at

Next courses:

June 1 at 3 PM CET (Amsterdam, Berlin) 

Phase 2 and 3 mushroom composting

In this online course I will discuss the process of phase 2 and 3. What is micro live? How to control phase 2. What are the mean issues in the phase 2. Spawning looks easy, but what can go wrong on the spawning moment. Different methods for mycelium run, also called phase 3. What is the optimum spawn run time? This is a small selection about the issues we will talk about.

June 16 at 3 PM CET (Amsterdam, Berlin)

"Tricks to prevent an infection with Trichoderma"

Infection of Trichoderma Aggressivum causes a great loss of production of mushrooms. If you have the infection, it takes a while to find the problem. It is better to prevent getting the infection. It is not guaranteed you will never have an infection, but you reduce the risk and find the solution quicker when you understand what the infection is. That is what you learn in this course!

Hope to see you in one of our courses!


The live courses in the Netherlands will start in autumn again,

  The live courses in the Netherlands will start in autumn again

The live courses in the Netherlands will start, as all goes well, in autumn again, The dates for 2021 are: 4-8 October and 29 November-3 December. John and I are looking forward to welcome you or your employees again. To exchange our knowledge to practice of your daily work! Click here for more information!


E-learning Mushroom Signals Essentials


The E-course will give you an insight of the mushroom cultivation. It is not only reading, but by photo’s, illustrations and videos you will get a good overview of all subjects of mushroom composting and growing. By answering the questions, you will get automatically feedback on your answers. On the end of the course you take a final exam, to receive a certificate.

The subjects which will be covered are properties of the mushrooms, the different phases in the production process and the aim of each phase.
For each phase, the different steps are explained, where the steps are take place and what is the main target of each phase. As well the dos and don’ts on a compost yard and mushroom farm.

More information, look at click on this link

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