Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Egor, and I’m representing Green-Al company which is producing equipment  for champignon growing ( Shelvings, Lorries, Carts and other devices in operation ). Being a daughter company of the leading aluminum profile producer in Russia and Eastern Europe ( TatProf ) with it’s 31 year history, we ensure high quality & consistency of our products using primary aluminum.
Our passion is quality followed by on time - in full principle, which is an enabler for our strategic growth ambitions. We are looking for any possibility of cooperation with your association in terms of expansion of our products to European Market ( end customers, integrators and etc. ) understanding that this activity should be valuable and profitable for us both. So far we closed a few deals in France, Poland, Italy and Turkey and looking forward to be useful for other champignon producers in your region.
We are constantly developing our products taking into account operational efficiency, so meanwhile apart from time proven design of original shelvings and lorries we have some unique offerings such as:
Floor carts for picking mushrooms with modified ergonomics and upgrade possibilities ( bucket holder, extra storage shelf and etc. )
Trolley-platform for picking mushrooms from first and second shelf levels, with high variety of different version meeting customer specific requirements
Stools on swivel wheels with adjustable height and outstanding durability
Over last 5 years we achieved 80% of market share in Russia & CIS, offering best value for its price also providing our customers with full after sales services such as:
- Installation
- Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
- Spare parts
- On-site operator trainings
- 24/7 remote support
- Consultancy services
If you see the potential of any kind of joint activities ( projects, exhibitions, single sales ) we’d be glad to hear from you and present our products with it’s innovations through an appropriate form of conversation .
P.S. we are considering visit Polagra exhibition in October, so we would be happy to meet there.
Thanks in advance and look forward for future cooperation!
     Best Regards
     Egor Kuznetsov
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